Ask anyone what makes Atlanta a desirable place to live, and sooner or later you'll hear about the arts. The arts give Atlanta its soul, bring the citizens together, keep us asking the important questions, and inspire everyone to think beyond their daily lives. Very often, the more local an arts organization is, the more it connects with community and neighborhood roots and makes a place to live into a real "home."

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund was created in 1992 as a partnership between the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta to help small and midsized arts organizations overcome hurdles to their success and grow into strong, vital institutions.

Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund is The Foundation of Atlanta’s Arts Community. The mission of the Arts Fund is to:

  • STRENGTHEN and STABILIZE small and midsized arts organizations
  • CONNECT entities that advance the funding of arts in our region
  • LEVERAGE donors, locally and nationally, in support of the arts in Atlanta

To accomplish its mission, the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund provides grants, strategic support, and related management consulting to small and midsized arts organizations throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region.

In short, the arts connect communities of geography and communities of interest. Small and midsized organizations are core to the rhythm and vibrancy of Atlanta. They show new work, incubate ideas and debut talent. They offer safe places for experimentation. They add to countless "micro-economies" throughout the city. And they also frequently struggle to keep the doors open and the lights on, even as they offer such a valuable resource for Atlanta.

The Arts Fund understands the day-to-day challenges, the opportunities and the unique gifts of small and midsized arts groups offer and provides programs to help strengthen them and ensure their success.

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