How to find the right career path for you

Though 2020 has taught us all the joys and struggles of the couch potato life, 2021 has opened the door of fresh air and opportunity. Several American citizens, both young and old, struggle with the same question; What's next? New graduates, along with seasoned professionals, are waving their degrees, looking for the next place to make their mark and searching for their next stone to turn respectively. This new chapter in American history has many searching for a new career. However it’s difficult to choose from over 80 possible career paths before putting in an application. There are many things to consider, namely experience, degree requirements, skills and physical constitution, amongst others. Before we get into how to find the right career, let's look at what it means to have a job and what a career path is.

What is a career path?

A job is an activity that earns you a paycheck. It would be like moving your neighbor's lawn for $20 as a kid. A career is taking part in a lawn mowing business in your neighborhood, where raises and promotions exist. Though you may start as a $20 lawn mower within a career, time and dedication can make you a lawn mowing expert. Growth is an important thing to consider. It could take you from receiving $20 to making $30 to teach others how to do the same work. A career is a ladder you climb, while a job is the pegs you climb on. The average working person can go through around 12 jobs between 18 and 52. It's hard to calculate career changes, but the current myth suggests that you hold as many as seven different careers before retirement. Seven careers is a generous estimate, but a difference in your working life is sure to find every American at some point.

Choosing the right fit

Whether this is your first career as a working professional or seventh, the hunt remains the same. First, consider what you are good at and passionate about, like sports betting or DIYs. Secondly, boil these skills down into a search engine-friendly descriptor, like artist or writer. Subsequently, you should make sure your resume is polished and, lastly, begin your hunt on popular sites like Indeed or Linkedin. Don't be afraid to try something new! Practice makes perfect, and the more experience you have in a field, the easier it’ll be to find a job. Apply for jobs even if you don't have the right degree or any degree at all. The worst anyone can say is no, where an ambitious yes can change your life. Be confident, willing to learn, and ready to take a risk. Your next career will find you.