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The Importance of Arts and Culture for Young People

Arts, culture and creativity are not only exciting topics but can also be the basis of a lucrative career. Being involved in these subjects is essential for young people, not just for themselves, but for the country as a whole.

Promotes Economic Growth

Arts and culture can promote economic growth as it attracts visitors and investments from overseas. If youngsters choose to work in this field, they will be joining the one in every 11 people currently employed in this industry. Learning entrepreneurial skills is another reason to consider the arts as a career.

Improves Mental Health

It has been found that using arts and culture in schools and colleges leads to improved social skills, self-esteem and social inclusion. This will be carried over into adult life. Supportive friendships can be found through a common interest in the arts. It can also improve school attendance rates as the students find it an enjoyable subject to look forward to.

Encourages Civic Engagement

Recent studies reveal that students and young people who take part in arts and culture classes at school are more likely to be a volunteer at some point in their life. Surprisingly, they are also more likely to vote in elections. Drama, in particular, improves communication skills, helping the young person to be confident in speaking out about public issues to raise awareness. They are also more tolerant of others.